If you think you have overcome the worst by developing the app of your dreams, then you are wrong. Developing an app is only halfway from the blueprint. The next big step is to know how to make your app visible amidst all the competition in the market and encourage your potential app users to download it. It is worth noting that most apps are downloaded only to be deleted a few minutes later. Thus along, with the right visibility, to be effective and efficient, developers and marketers should work towards increasing customer engagement. To keep the boat floating, you need to put in place strategic approaches in the most complex scenarios.

Market Analysis

Before engaging yourself, know that there may already be hundreds of apps available serving the same purposes as yours. For example, if you search for exercises apps on Apps Stores or Google stores, you will find a panoply of choices. As an App developer, it is crucial that you analyze the market and know how daunting it could be to enter a market fierce with competition. Thus, only marketing your apps through social media platforms will not increase your visibility, strategic improvements should be done by doing app optimizations through aso app store optimization strategies.

App store optimization (ASO) 

The ASO is an important key leading to success. It should be taken into consideration before and after app launch. It has the advantage of increasing your app visibility on app store search. For more information, click here: https://www.rocket-aso.com

Here are the essential optimization list your focus should be on for improvements:

ASO comprises two elements:

On-metadata factors:

They are all the elements that you can have control of such as Keyword optimization, Application Title, Application Subtitle, descriptions, app icons, reviews and screenshots. These elements can be changed and enhanced on Apple App store or Google Play store at any time to boost visibility.

  • Keyword optimization

The first step is to choose the right keyword related to your app and this process requires it to be done continuously until you are satisfied with the result. It is about searching for the right keyword, selecting the most efficient one and testing it when displaying your app. It must be also important to look at the keywords used by your competitors. The objective is to find the most relevant ones.

  • Application Title

Your brand name and core keyword should appear as the application title. Search for keywords having the best responses rate.

Apple allows for application subtitles for more reach. So it is important not to repeat yourself.

  • Application Description

This is where you are given the space to give a brief description of your application. You can seize that occasion to list the most outstanding features of the app. To be noted that, only a brief truncated snippet appears, the full wordings will be appeared by clicking on ‘Read More’, so make sure that all the most important wordings comes first.

  • Reviews

Know that the higher your reviews rate, the more you will attract potential users. It is important to reach out to your happy clients to leave a positive message. It is a known fact that unhappy clients are more likely to leave comments rather than happy ones. You should reach happy clients to give ratings and reviews.

  • App Icon

Create appealing app icons to be able to grab the attention of your potential app users. Keep in mind that your icon should be minimalist and has an appealing background color

  • Screenshots

To add more visuals, you can choose to have screenshots of the features and functions of the app or simply provide a small tutorial video to explain the users how to use the app. Tips: try to incorporate a keyword in your first picture to improve your search rank.

Off-metadata factors: 

These are all the elements you cannot control such as negative reviews, the speed the app will be installed, the speed of download, the size of the app, potential bugs, etc.

To conclude, App Store Optimization is an ongoing process. Make sure to review your optimizations regularly, in order to increase your visibility rate, download rate and increase engagement through testing.